Why do I get an error message saying "suspended" when I try to log in?

If the "suspended" error message pops up when you attempt to log in to your account, it means there is something wrong with your credit card.
"Suspended" is an account status (as opposed to "Active" or "Paused") that takes place when your credit card charges have failed within the last few weeks or months.* After a few attempts to take a payment, our system suspends your account. Note: this is a security precaution.
When your credit card fails to make a payment, you will get an email about the failed attempt, and will be asked to update your credit card information (see this article on how to do that). When your account becomes "suspended," you will not receive an email about it, since failed payments are usually resolved after the first email.
In order to get your account back on track, email us at support@artsnacks.co and we will temporarily activate it for you.
Here's what you'll have to do after your account is temporarily activated:
- Log in to your account and cancel your account completely. If you have a Regular Subscription, log in here. For Gift Subscription, log in here. If you are having trouble logging in, let us know and we can cancel the account for you.
- Create a new account at this link: http://www.artsnacks.co/signup/ (just pick the specific amount of months that you'd like), and use a different credit card with this subscription. That way, you won't have the failed charges issue again.
- Email us back to confirm when you have gone through this process, and we'll check on our end to see if your account was successfully put through.
We apologize if this causes any confusion or frustration during this process! The "suspended" account issue is usually one that is solved quickly and efficiently. 
*Note: Accounts with a "suspended" status will not receive monthly boxes since a payment has not been made. 


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